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JEE(Main+Adv.) ALL INDIA TEST SERIES with CBT (1 Yr.) [18-19]
Product Features
Product Name JEE(Main+Adv.) ALL INDIA TEST SERIES with CBT (1 Yr.) [18-19]
AITS with CBT (Computer Based Test) Live/Online/Postal. Take Free Mock Test
Product Price Rs 11000
Release Date Released
Scholarship Available Yes
Availability In Stock
TestSeries Test Mode
Product Class
Product Medium
Scholarship Category
Product Scholarship
Scholarship Amount
Rs 0
Payable Amount
Rs 11000
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Product Detailed Information

 All India Test Series (AITS) with CBT 

  • A perfect blend of Part syllabus test, Full syllabus Test for JEE(MAIN) and JEE(ADVANCED).
  • A Combination of Live/ Postal/ Online & Computer Based Tests (CBT).
  • Provides All India Ranking along with the students of classroom contact programmes
  • Provides perfect benchmark to the students to evaluate their performance against the best brains in the country. | Download Test Schedule |  Test Syllabus

ALL INDIA TEST SERIES with CBT Class XII/XIII -JEE (Main+Adv.)   Additional JEE(Main) Full Syllabus Online Test  Series for  Jan. 2019 Attempt
S.No. Test Name Live Mode Postal Mode Online Mode 1 20-Aug-18 FST 1
1 PT-1(Adv.) 08-Jul-18 09-Jul-18 09-Jul-18 2 20-Sep-18 FST 2
2 CT-1 (Adv.) CBT  29-Jul-18 3 20-Oct-18 FST 3
3 CT-1 (Main) 19-Aug-18 20-Aug-18 20-Aug-18 4 20-Nov-18 FST 4
4 CT-2 (Main) CBT 16-Sep-2018 5 30-Nov-18 FST 5
5 CT-2 (Adv.) CBT 07-Oct-2018 6 10-Dec-18 FST 6
6 CT-3 (Main)  CBT 28-Oct-2018 7 16-Dec-18 FST 7
7 CT-3 (Adv.) 25-Nov-18 26-Nov-18 26-Nov-18                                        
8 CT-4 (Main)  CBT 16-Dec-2018
9 AIOT -1 (Main) CBT 23-Dec-2018
10 MMT(MAIN) CBT 30-Dec-2018
11 PT-2 (Adv.) CBT 03-Feb-2019
12 AIOT -2(Main) CBT 17-Feb-2019
13 MT(Main) CBT 03-Mar-2019
14 JPT-1(Main) 10-Mar-19 11-Mar-19 11-Mar-19
15 JPT-2(Main) 17-Mar-19 18-Mar-19 18-Mar-19
16 JPT-1(ADV.)  28-Apr-19 29-Apr-19 29-Apr-19
17 AIOT(Adv.)  05-May-19 06-May-19 06-May-19
Below test will be provided to students Eligible for JEE(Advanced)*
18 JPT-2(ADV.) CBT 12-May-2019

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