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Olympiads Question Bank - X
Product Features
Product Name Olympiads Question Bank - X
Prepartion for Olympiad exams
Product Price Rs 200
Release Date Released
Scholarship Available No
Availability In Stock
Product Class
Product Medium
Scholarship Category
Product Scholarship
Scholarship Amount
Rs 0
Payable Amount
Rs 200
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Product Detailed Information

Subject covered :Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology,Social Science,English.

Subject  Contant
 Physics Electricity,Magnetic Effect of Current & EMI,Source of Energy,Nuclear,Light,Answer Key.
Chemistry Chemical recatins &Equations, Acids, Bases & salts, Metals & Non-metals,Carbon & Its compounds, Periodic table & periodicity in properties.,Answerkey.
Mathematics Real  Numbers, Polynomials & quadratic Equations, Linear Equations in two varibles, Arithmetic Progressions, Coornate Geometry, Triangles, Circles, Constructions,Area Related to circle & surface area andvolume, statistics & probability, Trigonometry, Answerkey.
Biology Nutrition, Respiration,Transporation, Excertion, Control & Co-Ordination, Herdity & evolution, Our Environment, Management of natural resources, How do organisms reproduce, Answerkey.
Social Science Civics, Economics, Geography,History, Answerkey.
English Future time reference, Avoiding repetition, Comparison, Conditionls, Connectors, Sbject veb agreement, Modals, Nominalisation, Non finites, prepositions, Reported speech, Relatives, Answerkey.

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